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Pulse: from the Latin pulse meaning thick soup or potage, pulses are the edible seeds of plants in the legume family.

Pulses are a great tasting addition to any diet. They are rich in fiber and protein, and have high levels of minerals such as iron, zinc, and phosphorous as well as folate and other B-vitamins. In addition to their nutritional profile and links to improved health, pulses are unique foods in their ability to reduce the environmental footprint of our grocery carts. Put it all together and these sensational seeds are a powerful food ingredient that can be used to deliver the results of healthy people and a healthy planet.

Pulses come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be consumed in many forms including whole or split, ground in to flours or separated into fractions such as protein, fiber and starch.

Pulses do not include fresh beans or peas. Although they are related to pulses because they are also edible seeds of podded plants, soybeans and peanuts differ because they have a much higher fat content, whereas pulses contain virtually no fat. we are deals;

*Masoor Daal,

*Masoor Whole,

*Urad Daal,

*Urad Whole,

*Moong Daal,

*Moong Whole,

*Channa Daal,

*Chick Peas 7-12 MM,

*Red Kidney Beans,

*Black Eye Beans

We also provide packing facility as per client requirement packing like 1/5 kg to 25 Kg Bags,